Thoughts on “The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly” by Luis Sepúlveda

Hi! Today I've read The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly by Luis Sepúlveda. And I have loved it. First of all, I think it was the right book at the right time: yesterday I finally took the last exam for this semester, and after weeks and weeks of stressful days... Continue Reading →


My Bucket List

Hey! Today, as I was procrastinating on studying for my exam (...), I came across some posts about what people wanted to do in their life. So I thought I'd make my own bucket list. I am sure it will grow over time; when I get new ideas about what I want to do in... Continue Reading →

Learning German – Elements Order In Sentences #1: Lexical Verb and Inflexion in Independent Clauses (Hauptsätze)

In German we distinguish between: Haupsätze (independent clauses) and Nebensätze (dependent clauses). The sentence revolves around the verb, which is made up of two main parts: the one carrying the lexical meaning (what the verb actually means) and the one carrying the information about time, modality, etc.. For example: er gehet, er ist gegangen, er... Continue Reading →

Learning German

Hello! I am currently trying to learn German... and the struggle is real. But ever since I moved to a German speaking country (not long ago!) I have definitely seen a great difference! I'd like to share in this blog my adventures and what I am learning (an excuse for me to practice my understanding... Continue Reading →

Racism Explained to my Daughter

A brief presentation of the book I have just finished reading Tahar Ben Jelloun's book Racism Explained to my Daughter. In the introduction the author says his goal was to produce a book that would explain racism to children in a very understandable and clear way. I think he definitely succeeded. Racism Explained to my... Continue Reading →

An Awkward First Blog

Hi! I am Theresa, but my friends call me Joule. I am a young woman who loves reading and learning new things. I also enjoy drawing, singing and dancing in the most awkward and (especially when it comes to singing) annoying ways. When I find something that interests me, I become obsessed with it and start... Continue Reading →

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